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Who We Are

Light Studio Agency, LSA, is a photo agency established on October 1, 2000. The agency has in its staff some of the most well-known photographers of the Albanian media. The mission of this agency is to serve fast and with high quality the Albanian press within Albania proper and abroad, as well as other agencies and individuals.

By visiting our website at you can retrieve pictures on line, if you are registered clients. You will find pictures covering a wide range of daily events, political, economic, cultural and sports events that happen in Albania.

In the archives of our agencies you will find pictures of all events and personalities from 1996on. Besides the pictures you can directly see on our webpage, you can order archive pictures or commission pictures for events or features which will be exclusive to you.

We can also provide studio services for artistic pictures, adds of various products to be used calendars or leaflets.

We assure You will rest satisfied from the cooperation with us,

Thank You